Buenas! I’m Cassandra, the fierce diva and tough-love spewing lady behind the Quirky Pineapple Studio. I’ve got a passion for creating strong communities, crafting heartfelt words that convey truthful messages, and capturing the spark inside all of us. I am originally from Washington, DC, but my heart also stretches to Madrid, Spain, calling both my homes.

With over 10 years of blogging experience, content creation, and a knack for stringing together the right words, I help creative entrepreneurs, small business owners, and side-hustlin’ divas hone in on their voice and visuals to leverage their unique story. Through copywriting, content creation, and strategy sessions I’ve turned overwhelmed and frustrated entrepreneurs into confident and connected storytellers with a strong brand. While words are my medium of choice, there’s nothing like getting behind my camera and capturing fierce, empowered souls and adventurous love stories!

Whether you’re looking for an experienced copywriter that can convey your message and define your brand voice, a content creator that’s able to bring your brand’s personality to life, your go-to tough-love partner for content marketing strategy, or a photographer that’s ready to capture an empowered woman or adventurous love story, I’m here to roll up my sleeves, get to work, and make some magic together!

“You are a strong, independent, and fierce diva! You better WERK!”

What About You?

You’re ready to get the visibility you want because you know you have a message to share, but you’re not sure how to get noticed.

You struggle with imposter syndrome because you’re not seeing the results you want and are scared of having the success you crave.

After scrolling through social media and seeing everyone else thrive, you’re frustrated because you know you can be successful but aren’t reaching the right people.

Browsing the Internet and taking in all the content that you can find, you’re now feeling overwhelmed because there are too many “how to’s” out there and you haven’t found what works best for you.

You’re part of Facebook and other networking groups, but you still feel like you’re not finding the right community for yourself and the accountability you need to grow.

What you need is somebody who can give you tough-love and get you feeling confident about your business and your goals!

That’s me! I help you hone in on your voice and create a heartfelt brand that will also attract a strong community!

I know you have a strong voice and an inner fierce diva. I believe in you and your message, and I know you’re ready to create the adventure you want!

Together, let’s work on owning your voice so you can grow your community, your brand, and stop hiding from success.

Over a Glass of Sangria and Laughter You'd Learn:

  • I am a proud first generation Vietnamese-American, embracing my two cultures in my daily life.
  • After graduating from college, I hopped over the Atlantic Ocean and lived in Spain for two years, where I met my boyfriend!
  • My boyfriend and I run our own travel coaching business, Map It Trips, for people visiting the United States and Spain.
  • My daily conversations come out in a mix of English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
  • I believe wholeheartedly in dancing and work hard, play hard!
  • I have a wandering soul, and love exploring new countries, cultures, and cuisines.
  • Love is the driving force behind all of my actions, whether that is for my family, friends, relationships, community or the passion I feel behind each project.
  • Feminist & Woman encourager – I believe that every woman has a strong story and a strong voice.
  • I laugh a lot, smile really big, and love hosting and having people over.

A Little More About My Story

I’ve been blogging and creating content since I was 13, and then told my parents that I wanted to become a full-time blogger. Before that, I started my own side-hustles in elementary school, designing party invitations for my classmates, and then homemade and customized bookmarks. From a young age, I knew that creating was what I was meant to do; and coming from a family of entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurial spirit was deep in me!

Now, I’m hopping between Washington, DC where most of my family resides and Madrid, Spain where my fairytale love story has taken me! Because of my wandering soul, I realized that I needed a business that could come with me and support me, wherever I went. I wanted a business that worked with my lifestyle, not the other way around. I learned that I love working with people, especially helping them discover their passions and find their voice! As a woman, especially an Asian-American woman, I’ve grown up thinking that we needed to be quiet and obedient, and when I decided that I didn’t want to be that way – I knew there were others like me!

There’s nothing more fulfilling than helping you dig deep and hone in on your voice, so that you can confidently represent your brand and message in a heartfelt way!

TQP Studio is built on:

  • Kindness and having an open-mind
  • Creating open communities and deeper connections
  • Word hard, play hard
  • Love in all aspects
  • Good soul food
  • Gratitude and vulnerability
  • Chasing the adventure
  • Generosity and paying it forward

How the Process Works:

When working with clients, my belief lies in a collaborative process. I work with my client every step of the way to create content or copy that resonates with who they are and their message. I focus on helping my clients hone in on their voice and own it, so that they can share confidently to attract the right audience and create a strong community. We’ll work together to find your voice, develop content, and build your confidence so you can stop hiding from the success you know you can have and deserve! Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of tough-love and guidance to get you where you want to be and reaching your goals!

Ready to roll up your sleeves
and make some magic?