• Branding

    How I Edit My Photos for Instagram

    A few months ago, I shared on Instagram Stories how I edit my photos. Y'all loved it! I received lots of different comments and messages saying that it was interesting to see how I create a cohesive look for my feed. While I am no expert on Instagram, I do...
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  • Branding, Business

    The Big “Why” and My Big Dream

    I hate those exercises asking us to list out our goals for the next 5 to 10 years. What kind...
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  • Branding, Copywriting

    How to Harness Your Brand Voice (and dazzle!)

    I'm sure you've heard of harnessing your brand voice to speak to your ideal audience. What makes up your brand...
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  • Blogging, Business

    2017 Recap and Goals for 2018

    Around the end of December, I sit down with my planner and go through everything that happened in past year....
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