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    What’s the Best Way to Build A Community?

    Creating a community is one of the aspects I love most about what I do through the Quirky Pineapple Studio. I work with small business owners and entrepreneurs, in the tourism and hospitality industry, to build their communities and increase profits and visibility. Your community can be online, in person, or both!

    I always knew I loved people and relationships growing up. This is probably why I chose to go into Communications at first, while studying in college. Then, at a drunken party, someone told me about Hospitality Management and planning events. I was hooked.

    Through the Quirky Pineapple Studio, I work to develop compelling copy and create lots of strategy to get my client’s content out there to the world! But, even more then that, my goal is to always have people coming back to my clients because of the relationships and community they’ve built. Whether we work together or not, I believe creating a strong foundation and community is the BEST way to start growing your business. What’s the best way to build your community?

    Your strengths in community building

    Our personality types play a HUGE role in how we can build the best communities for our audience. I’m not just talking about being an INFJ, ESFJ, or an extrovert/introvert. There’s a lot more at play here! Some factors to take into account are:

    • Are you better in small groups or large groups?
    • Do you get nervous when all eyes are on you, or thrive on it?
    • Are you the first one to start dancing when a good song comes on, or are you waiting for other people first?
    • Would you attend a networking event alone or at least want a friend there for buffer?
    • Do you prefer 1:1 interaction or small/medium/large groups?
    • How good are you at remembering names?
    • What’s your jam: inspirational/motivational quotes, honesty & vulnerability, GO GETTEM’ ATTITUDE, the FIERCE DIVA who is every bit as intimidating as they seem, or clap-back queen/king? (BTW: there’s no wrong answer here, and I’m sure you can be more than one)

    Whatever your strengths/weaknesses are, they influence how we create our communities and the types of communities we will create.

    What type of community does your audience want?

    Ah, another HUGE question that most people forget to ask! What type of community does your audience want?

    • Where do they want to hang-out?
    • Are they willing to pay for this community?
    • Or, are they looking for free resources, first?
    • Do they want accountability?
    • Are they more private and reserved?

    Before diving deep into how we create a community, the number one question to ask is what does our audience want? Then, the follow-up question should be, what works best for my strengths? While your audience might be asking for more video content and that’s just NOT your thing – how about a compromise and start using more Instagram Stories or Facebook Lives to share bits and pieces of your brand. Finding the middle ground between what your audience wants and what you’re comfortable with, is the sweet spot, my friend.

    Take the quiz to figure out what type of community builder you are!

    Share your results with us in the comments below!

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    What's the best way to build a community? It involves learning about your own strengths when working with people, understanding what your audience wants, and finding that sweet spot right in the middle. Take the quiz to find out what type of community builder you are! -- The Quirky Pineapple Studio

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    • Cassandra Le

      Thanks, Elise for taking the quiz and your feedback! (: So glad that it’s helped you!

    • What a fun post and quiz! I’m a caretaker! Thanks for the inspiration – building community is a point of focus for me this year, so I am glad I found this blog!