Content Creation

Let’s celebrate! Your business is growing and you’re feeling confident and good about yourself! *insert clapping hands emojis*

But now, you can barely keep up with all of the tasks you need to do. If your to-do list wasn’t long before, now it feels like it’s got a mind of its own! Just thinking about sitting down at your laptop to write a new blog post, newsletter, or social media content sounds draining. You’re ready to find a content creator and ghostwriter to help, someone that gets you, your voice, and your brand!

You feel overwhelmed, like you don’t have enough time in the day to keep creating new content. You’re on the edge of burnout trying to cover all of your social media, blog posts, and your email list! After mastering one social media channel, a new one pops up demanding your attention. If you keep up with this, you’re headed straight to burnout, if you haven’t already experienced it.

It’s time to get a little help, and I’m already extending you my hand! We’ll work together to create content for your blog, social media, and newsletter packed with high-quality, SEO-ready, and industry specific content – so you can do what you do best, running your business!

A la Carte Packages

Pick what you need and want, and if you love it, come back for seconds!

A la Carte

  • Monthly blog posts [1 month minimum]
  • Monthly newsletters [1 month minimum]
  • Email funnels/sequences
  • Email courses
  • Launch sales page
  • Course materials
  • Workbooks/worksheets
  • Social media posts/ads
  • Content management

Packages start at: $50
Contact me for a custom quote!


I’m here to help you keep up with your content to make sure that your business and email list grows! With targeted and strategized content for your social media channels, you won’t have to worry about sitting down and writing lengthy posts, captions, or emails, again!

We’re a team; so before it goes live, you’ll be able to read through everything and make any edits you need! Take back your schedule and stop feeling burnt out, so you can run your business with heart and intention!

Let's do this!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is content creation and ghostwriting?
Content creation is anything that your business puts out for marketing purposes. This can include social media captions, newsletters, and blog posts for your audience. Ghostwriting is where I write blog posts, newsletters, and more in your voice and brand style – while you are able to publish it with YOUR name.
What comes with the a la carte package?
The beauty of a customized package is that it’s tailored to fit your needs! The a la carte package allows you to pick what you need help with most. Afterwards, if you love the results and your audience does, too – come back for more!
How long is the process?
Depending on what you include with your package, content creation can be 2+ weeks. Send me a message with what you’re looking for, so we can design a complete timeline for your projects!
Do you charge by content or package?
Since the content creation package is customizable, I charge the full package by what you want created and how many posts you need. Contact me to receive a custom quote on your project!
Why do blog posts and newsletters require a one-month minimum?
Blog posts and newsletters require a one-month minimum due to the frequency you should be posting or getting in-touch with your audience. To make sure that your website is relevant and Google searchable, I recommend posting at least four blog posts a month. For newsletters, I recommend at least twice a month or more.
I need your help! How do I set this up?
Great! I’m here to help! Head to my contact page to send me a message, detailing your project so we can get started!

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