Website Copywriting & Storytelling

You’ve been staring at that blank screen for a long time, typing, then deleting, and then typing again. Now, you’re looking at copy from all of your other favorite creative entrepreneurs, small business owners, and side-hustlin’ divas trying to pick and choose what you like about their copy so you can write your own.

And then, you feel like you’ve lost your voice because you’ve been imitating what everyone else is doing. You need someone that can take all of your wild ideas and capture them on paper (or screen) to speak your heart and soul into your business.

You’re ready to invest in your business and create a strong voice for your brand. We’ll work together to establish your story and hone in on your voice, then I’ll start stringing the right words together to capture your heartfelt brand and give you copy that converts! I’m a wordsmith chameleon ready to tailor my words to match your brand’s story.

Brand Storytelling Package

  • In-depth questionnaire
  • 45-90 minute website strategy call
  • TQP Studio Branded Style Guide
  • Up to 5 SEO-ready pages for your website
  • Website wireframes
  • Folder of all deliverables
  • Client support & 30 minute wrap-up call

Investment: $1275

How does it work?

  1. Let’s chat over sangria
    First, let’s meet with a free 15 minute consultation to find out if we’re the right fit. If we’re a match, I’ll send you a questionnaire to get started on. Once you’ve completed that, we’ll dive into our strategy call! (Sangria is welcome but not necessary)
  2. Time to work
    With your personalized TQP Studio Branded Style Guide (a guide with all of your brand’s words, phrases, and vibe), I’ll get working on your story and your words, writing out 5 pages of copy for your website! I’ll share templates and wireframes with you, so you can envision your new Internet home!
  3. Your words delivered!
    Voila! I’ll deliver your new words for your website and we’ll wrap up with a 30 minute coaching call to get you prepped and ready to start sharing on social media and more with confidence!

The Process

In-depth questionnaire – Unlike an awkward first date, I want to get to know ALL about you! This questionnaire will help me understand and learn about your voice, your why, and the steps necessary to hone in on your story.

45-90 minute website strategy call – via Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom, we’ll get to know each other even more! I want to learn about your business, what you do, why you do it, your ideal client, and how to get you out of your comfort zone.

TQP Branded Style Guide – A complete guide of language for your brand, including: mission statement, elevator pitch, brand positioning statements, branded copy, word bank, key phrases, and more, for you to use for ongoing and future projects and collateral.

Drafts – This is where I take your message and craft it to sound like you! You’ll have the time to work on your business, while I’m working behind the scenes in your business. Don’t worry; all of your copy is SEO-ready for the best visibility!

Website Wireframes – Website wireframes and content strategy place your copy in the best places for flow and visibility. Your pages should connect with one another, and I’ll sit down to make sure all of that flows nicely!

Revisions – This is when you come in and give ME the tough-love; what you liked or didn’t, and how we can make sure your copy sounds like you and shares your heartfelt brand.

Deliverables – I hand you all of your new words, wrapped up, and ready to be shared!

Client Support & 30-minute wrap-up call – For one month after the launch of your new copy, I’ll be there to make any revisions or edits if necessary. We’ll wrap up with a 30-minute call and now you’re ready to launch!

What about the important stuff?

  • Copywriting is extremely personal and is at the heart of your entire brand. While I would love to work with you, sometimes, we may not be the right fit. I encourage you to contact me to chat about your ideas and see if we can make some magic together!
  • To make sure I provide the best experience for my clients, I take on a limited number of projects per month. Contact me to learn about my next available date!
  • I require a retainer fee to reserve the start date for your project. This is later put towards your final payment. Payment plans available!
  • Depending on your project, timeframes can vary from 4-5 weeks. To learn more, send me an email!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is copywriting?
Copywriting is sales and conversion language on your website. Copywriting tells your story, speaks to your client, includes strategized SEO, and converts your audience to clients.
Do I need copywriting? Can’t I DIY it?
You need copywriting because it is the marketing strategy that can make all the difference in who finds your website. From an experienced writer with marketing, sales, storytelling and SEO strategies, I can create compelling copy that converts your readers into loyal customers with your brand voice in mind. Still want to DIY your copy? Subscribe to the Quirky Pineapple Newsletter to access a full vault of resources to help you write better copy, discover your story, and create a strong brand.
How long does the process take?
A full Brand Story Package takes up to 5 weeks.
How much time do I need to invest in this?
The beauty of having a copywriter is that you can focus on the parts of your business that you’re great at! I only ask that you are responsive to emails, answer the questionnaire thoroughly and review your drafts and provide timely feedback to make sure that the process moves along. Overall, no more than a day or two of your time!
Who is the Brand Storytelling Package for?
The Brand Story Package is for the creative entrepreneur, small business owner, and side-hustlin’ diva who is ready to invest in their business and create copy that converts. If you are going through a rebrand, re-launch, or entire launch process, this package is for you! If your business has shifted gears in the past year or two, with new goals, I’m ready to work with you!
Who is the Brand Storytelling Package NOT for?
The Brand Story Package is not for business owners who are just beginning and have not discovered their ideal client, services, or general message. If you would like to work with me to discover your story, hone in on your voice, and share your message with confidence, take a look at the Branding Strategy Sessions.
How do we work together?
I am so excited that you asked! Send me a message with the details of what you’re looking for and let’s get planning!
Are payment plans available?
Of course! Please contact me so we can set up a payment plan that works for us both.

Ready to roll up your sleeves
and make some magic?