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You’re tired of playing small and coy with your accomplishments. While you’re watching people on social media get recognized and book clients, you’re stopping yourself from getting out there and sharing your expertise.



You, Fierce Business Owner, are...

  • Overwhelmed with handling all your marketing on your own. You have ideas you want to test and implement, but no headspace to even think about them!
  • Frustrated because you don’t have time and are always playing “catch up” with your content. That blog post you were going to post? Hasn’t been written… 
  • Internalizing feelings of shame, embarrassment, and “who are they” mentality, stopping you from getting out there and speaking your truth.
  • Scared to share your message, story, and services, which stops you from attracting your ideal clients and growing your business and dream lifestyle. 


Imagine if all of that changed… 

When we confidently stand out, raise our voices, and celebrate our communities - we inspire, activate, and move with more ease to create sustainable impact.

“You are a strong, independent, and fierce diva! You better WERK!”

Our mission is to help you share yours…

  • With proven systems and workflows to make content marketing a smooth process, from strategizing to drafting and ending with promotion.
  • With over 10 years of copywriting and content marketing experience, rooted in customer service and community connection, we can instantly help you speak to your ideal clients.
  • By a gentle nudge and some tough-love, so you can own, raise, and use your voice to attract your dream clients and grow your business further.
  • With the power of your message and a holistic content strategy, you can stop hiding and fully step into your power and story.

Community drives our work. Connection drives our mission.
Get the brand message and content strategy to stand out and make huge impacts.

Over a glass of wine, you'd learn:

Copywriter for WOC working in Madrid
Copywriter working in a coworking space
  • Our founder, Cassandra T. Le, is a proud first generation Vietnamese-American, which is why we believe in raising the voices of WOC and POC-run businesses.
  • We co-wrote a book called Branding Quickies, curated by Blank Room Design. It was listed as #1 on Amazon in the Leadership section!
  • Hospitality is our main core value at the Studio. We believe in taking care of people and making them feel comfortable.
  • We only accept clear communication and bold, intentional action. No more playing small, hiding, and guessing.
  • Our driving force is love. It’s what makes connection and understanding strong and powerful, and why we root for community in our marketing strategies.
  • We definitely prefer red wine over white or rose. A nice glass of red with some cheese and charcuterie? You’ve won us over!
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Meet The Team:

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The Quirky Pineapple Studio Headquarters

The Quirky Pineapple Studio headquarters is proudly based in Madrid, Spain.

Our team, however, is located all over the world! We are able to provide content and copy both in English and Spanish.

If you are a business based in Spain, all invoices will include IVA. If you are based outside of Spain and that previous sentence made no sense to you, don’t worry - this doesn’t apply!

Ready to roll up your sleeves
and make some magic?