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    5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make when Using Social Media for Storytelling

    What do you first think about when you follow a business on social media? Your thoughts could be... Who are they?What are they about?Can I be friends with them?Do I like them? Social media makes businesses more relatable now than ever. The power of building human connections with your audience...
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    3 Step Formula to Create a Powerful Brand Message for Small Businesses

    A powerful brand message for small businesses means... Being remembered by your clients, so you build authority online and in-personConnecting...
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    5 Reasons Service Providers are Afraid to get Visible and How to Change That

    If you're a coach, consultant, makeup artist, photographer, or hairstylist... there's one thing you have in common. You work WITH...
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    3 Mindset Shifts Every Small Business Owner Needs to be a Confident CEO

    Imposter syndrome? Asking for what you want? Being assertive? What about having the tough conversations, speaking up for what you...
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    4 Content Marketing Tools to Save Time for Small Business Owners

    As a small business owner, time is money! The last thing we want you to do is to spend hours...
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    5-Step Market Research Process (that isn’t boring or daunting!)

    Your favorite brand sends out a quick quiz after you've bought something from their online shop. It's a short survey...
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