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    Snapshots: Thanksgiving in Spain

    This Thanksgiving was the first one that I have ever spent away from my family. It was an uneasy feeling, and throughout most of the week, I felt a strong sense of homesickness – as I saw all of my friends post pictures on Facebook and Instagram about their Thanksgiving meals and pictures with their family. To bring some of the holiday season spirit over to Spain, my American roommate, Tim, and I decided to host our own makeshift traditional Thanksgiving dinner with new friends! (:

    When originally deciding how many people to invite, we thought it would be a small dinner with maybe 7/8 people. What it turned out to be was, we started inviting more and more people because we were so excited! The dinner ended up being a total of 10 guests and a large feast! The menu was prepared, we divided tasks for each guest, Thanksgiving decorations were made, and we were on the hunt for a turkey. I would have to say Tim and I make a great team, we divided the work, broke up tasks for each of us to take care of, and helped the other when it was needed. I took care of all the decorations, the venue, and setting up (I knew that Hospitality Management degree would come in handy, hehe). Tim took care of prepping and making the food – which was an interesting task within itself. It’s hard to pull together an entire Thanksgiving meal, with traditional foods and decorations, when the country you’re living in, doesn’t celebrate it! Below are snapshots of our successful dinner! (:


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    Snapshots: Thanksgiving in Spain

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