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    So, The Quirky Pineapple?

    blogger -- the quirky pineapple

    So, The Quirky Pineapple, you ask? Why? To be honest, I have created a plentiful of tried and failed blogs before this one, I now call my creative baby child. It’s been a rocky road with me and blogging, so much that I’ve created, paid for, and then months later deleted my blogs; UNTIL NOW! I’ve stuck it through with this blog, and couldn’t be happier to finally put in the time I’ve always wanted to grow this baby of mine. Before deciding that I wanted to be more serious with my blogging, this blog was named after myself. Later down the road, I was reading so many other blog posts from other established Lifestyle, Travel, DIY, etc blogs that said that creating your own domain name was worth it. And thus, the brainstorming began for a cool and fun name that embodied my passions, beliefs, and myself.

    I texted and called friends and family to name five adjectives that described me, and scribbled them down on a piece of paper. Then, I started listing things that I love, random words that I liked, and phrases that I used on a daily basis. It didn’t work so much, especially because some of those adjectives, I didn’t really like (ie: my little sister decided to tell me “bossy” was a good adjective for me, *ahem* not bossy, just a #BOSSLADY). I wanted to incorporate my degree in Hospitality Management in some way, especially because hospitality, hosting, and tourism are a few of my passions. It made sense to include “Pineapple”, because the pineapple is the universal sign of hospitality!


    The pineapple was once considered a rare fruit that only rich families were able to have. Hosts would use pineapples outside of their doors to welcome guests, centerpieces on dining tables, and include pineapples as a rare delicacy on their menus. Nowadays, you can find pineapples in logos for caterers, hotels, and more businesses involved in the hospitality industry. The “Pineapple” in The Quirky Pineapple represents my passion for hospitality. The “Pineapple” also represents my belief in creating an unforgettable experience for others, inspiring them, and always being open and kind.

    “Quirky” according to the dictionary is: characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits. Now, if you know me in person, I’m sure “quirky” would be on your top five adjectives to describe me! My friends and family have called me slightly awkward, derpy, and very weird. But hey, if it means that I’ve got an undeniably unforgettable trait, I’ll take it! (; My writing style is definitely quirky and peppy. A few friends have even told me that while reading my blog posts, they can actually hear my voice being THAT expressive in these paragraphs! Not to mention, in text messages I refuse to punctuate with a period, and only opt for exclamation points. Am I always that excited? Quite possibly, hahaha.

    Thus, was born this creative baby child, “The Quirky Pineapple”, that steals all of my time, sleep, and causes serious back pain being hunched over a keyboard and typing away. The Quirky Pineapple is made of my personality, passions, and over energized imagination. This little space on the interwebs is here to provide raw and funny (maybe even quirky) stories and experiences, my inspiration and goals, and help people who, like me, are driven by adventure and the desire to inspire and do something different! You’re all more than welcome to join me on these adventures, and I absolutely encourage you to do so! Buy that plane ticket, and meet me halfway across the world (; It’ll be our own adventure getaway! I only ask that you don’t complain while taking my Instagram shots, try all of the different foods, and roll with my idea of spontaneity for midnight adventures and late night coffee! (:

    Thanks for following along!

    So, The Quirky Pineapple?

    • Cassandra Le says:

      I probably have 2 or 3 blogs that are abandoned and floating around on the internet… Stick with one and go for it! Now that I’ve really invested in this one, it pains me to even let it drift to “Blog Limbo” hahaha

    • Cassandra Le says:

      Thank you, so much! Asking family and friends definitely helped, it gave me ideas to work with, and a different perspective for the name of my blog. Hope your domain name hunting goes well! (: Goodluck to you, as well!

    • Cassandra Le says:

      Pineapples are so cute!! Thank you, so much! (:

    • Cassandra Le says:

      I’m always looking forward to hosting guests!! If you ever make it over to Spain, please reach out! (:

    • OMG I love pineapples, and I LOVE your writing style!! Stick with this because you have a talent and you are also adorable!!! Can’t wait to read more!!

    • Steph says:

      Love your site and the story behind the name! I am pineapple obsessed so immediately visited after seeing you share the link in the Rising Tide group on Facebook. Spain is probably #1 on my list of travel destinations right now so I might take you up on that adventure meeting : )

    • Kathryn says:

      I love your idea of getting input from friends and family to come up with a personal domain name. I am totally going to do that for my personal blog! Good luck with your future blogging – looks like you are off to a great start!

    • lynn says:

      Whoa, I had no idea that the pineapple had that much meaning and that much of a story behind it as far as hospitality goes. I can totally relate with the blog thing, I’ve started one or two then it drifts out into no-man’s land and then goes abandoned haha

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