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    Here We Are: Lucena, Córdoba!

    I’m back at it, in the land of tapas, sun, and lots of ham! (: But, a girl can’t complain because now I’m located in the southern region of Spain! I’m now a resident of Andalucía, where the sun is strong, the tapas are huge, and the ham… Well, the ham is good anywhere! It’s been an extremely busy three weeks, hosting guests in the US, flying over to Spain, and then house hunting and setting up my life in my new home. I’m now located in Lucena, Córdoba the second most important pueblo in this city.


    [Here’s a fun tidbit: If you are ever in Córdoba, order yourself salmorejo. It is one of my favorite dishes, and originates from the city. Salmorejo is a puree made from tomatoes, bread, oil, and garlic. Other garnishes that people add are diced hard boiled eggs and diced Spanish ham. The puree is served cold and is thicker than gazpacho and soup. It is perfect for dipping bread, and even better on a hot day!]

    The boyfriend and I have found a piso to call ours, with three bedrooms, one bathroom, two balconies, and plenty of space for future guests. Tomorrow, I’ll be starting at one of the two schools I am assigned to work with. It’ll be interesting, especially because I’m working with high school students, and then switching to a primary school every other week. But, nonetheless, I’m excited to get started with work and to have more of a schedule that I can plan my days and weeks around.

    I even had the chance to go back to Torrijos, the small pueblo that I was living in last year, to visit my old primary school, see friends and students, and attend the big end of summer festival in the town! It’s definitely a different feeling returning for a second year and being more fluent in Spanish. My brain doesn’t feel like it’s on overdrive all the time trying to translate most of the signs, conversations, and emails I’m receiving in Spanish. The only thing that will take some time to get used to is the Andalusian accent. It’s already been hard understanding my landlord, and while talking to the director of one of my schools, I was concentrating so hard trying to make sure I understood everything! I thought I talked fast, but the people from Lucena may have me beat.



    Cheers to the other auxiliars, on their first year or a renewal, for the many emotional turmoils and frustrations we may experience (or will experience), the Spanish language we are learning, and for the experience of a lifetime! Arriba, abajo, al centro, y pa’ dentro