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    2015 Recap And 2016 Plans


    I think the years seem to be getting shorter and shorter, or time goes by faster and faster, or…. maybe I’m getting older and continually being pushed into adulthood. Either way, I can’t believe that 2015 is ending in a weeks time… and we’re going into 2016! This past year, as well as 2014, has been a whirlwind of CRAZY, and filled with lots of traveling (: JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT, HARHARHAR. Here’s a small recap of what my 2015 has looked like (in no particular order). Please excuse the lack of pictures *insert crying emoji*, I lost a lot of my information/photos when my last hard drive crashed on me!


    Toledo, Spain

    • Traveled, A LOT!
      • Throughout Spain
      • Portugal
      • Italy
      • Switzerland
      • Ireland
      • Morocco
      • Netherlands
    • Started working as a Copy Writer, and was being paid for my writing and blogging!
    • Met the boyfriend (ah, y’all knew that the love life had to be mentioned in there, somewhere)
    • Applied, was accepted, and am now on my second year in Spain
    • My mom and youngest sister came to visit me, and we were able to take a girls trip around Barcelona, Rome, and Florence!
    • Hosted two of my favorite English students back home in the states
    • The boyfriend and ex-roommate came over and visited me before I moved back
    • Joined the Rising Tide Society!!
    • Moved back to Spain, and started working at a primary school and an institute
    • Lost my Great Uncle
    • Moved IN with the boyfriend (I know, we’re crazy…)
    • Turned 23 in March!
    • WENT BLONDE, and then thankfully switched back to dark hair
    • Home for the holidays!!
    • Photoshoot with Laura Quintero Photography
    • IMPROVED MY SPANISH (heck yeaaah)

    Lisbon, Portugal


    23rd Birthday


    Guinness Factory | Dublin, Ireland


    Morocco Trip

    This past year has provided me with a changing outlook, new goals that I’ve been able to achieve, and a humbling experience. I’m pushing myself (almost everyday, minus those lazy Sundays hehe) to get out of my comfort zone, become a bit more assertive, voice my opinion, and to build a lifestyle that provides for me financially and creatively!

    I’m coming into 2016 with a bigger heart and more open mindset! I’ve chosen my one word for the new year, which is intention. I’ve realized that I always say “yes” to things that I don’t necessarily want to do, agree to things that I don’t necessarily agree with, and sometimes “go with the flow” to not upset people. I want to add more intention in my life; with people, situations, and my actions. Besides just agreeing with certain things, following the crowd, and ultimately not having meaning behind my actions; I am choosing to live a more intentional lifestyle to reach my goals!

    Artwork by Jenna Kutcher