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    Velvet Harem Pants


    Harem pants are probably my favorite clothing invention. They’re spacious, comfortable, and they just look so cool! I own a fair share of harem pants in a deep red, forest green, floral, camel brown, and VELVET. I’m pretty sure I’ve got more somewhere in my closet… it’s become a slight obsession with these. My youngest sister has harem pants for dancing and working out. They’re so versatile and look great dressed up or for running errands! My favorite harem pants are definitely the velvet ones, that I bought from Urban Outfitters. They’re so sleek, hug perfectly at my ankles, and don’t give me that weird too-baggy crotch area *insert crying laughing emoji here* Y’all know what I’m talking about, the super baggy crotch area, where ya junk REALLY has all the space in the world.

    Dressing up these velvet harem pants are super easy. You can do what I did and pair it with a loose button down tunic, mixing with different fabrics, and your favorite loafers. For a more casual look, I’d opt for a loose t-shirt, tucked in at the waistband, and maybe my go to Vans. Velvet is already such an eye catching fabric that adds so much more texture to your outfit, I wouldn’t overdo it with too many patterns or more than three different fabrics. For me, I try to keep my accessories to a minimum, with either statement earrings or a statement necklace. Also, LIPSTICK, always lipstick. A swipe of your preferred color is usually perfect to pulling together any look.



    Outfit Details
    Glasses: Warby Parker Preston
    Earrings: local thrift store
    Tunic Top: Urban Outfitters (old, but here are similar / similar)
    Harems: Urban Outfitters (old, but here are similar / similar)
    Shoes: bought in Spain
    Watch: Timex (bought from the men’s watches in Target)


    For some behind the scene bloopers, here’s one that my little sister took of me. CAN YOU SEE HER FINGER IN THE CORNER?! Also, this is a face of a “want to be” fashion blogger, who was getting much too cold that day standing there. Giving a little shout out to my little sister, Adrianna, who is forced to be my Instagram/Blog photographer when there’s no one else. Thanks for putting up with my crazy outfit antics and for all of the pictures that I make you re-do again, and again, and again… you da real MVP! (: