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    Introducing: Map It Trips

    Map It Trips: Helping You Plan A Successful Trip Through Travel Coaching

    Y’all, I am so excited to announce and reveal to you what the boyfriend and I have been diligently planning and working on for the past few months. We’ve poured hours and hours into this, brainstorming, tweaking and going back and forth about how to create this new venture, and we’ve finally launched! We may be a bit crazy, but I guess all entrepreneurs are a bit crazy, right? We are so excited and proud to announce: Map It Trips!!!

    What is Map It Trips?

    Well, Map It Trips (or Map It for short) is a travel coaching business created by us, for you! We are here to help people who don’t have time or don’t know where to start to begin planning a trip. We believe in flexible travel on a budget, without skimping on the experiences, adventure, opportunity and for some, the luxury of what travel can offer. Our mission is to help you plan your trip and guide you to traveling authentically!

    The Quirky Pineapple -- Map It Trips logo Unlike a travel agency, we don’t make reservations or bookings for you unless you specifically ask us to. We aren’t a travel agency, but more of your trusted “go-to” travel expert who helps you and guides you to take the leap and travel! We specialize in traveling on a budget as well as creating personalized travel itineraries for your specific interests. What we’re here to do is to help you feel comfortable, help you find “out of the norm” activities, connect you with other travellers and locals, as well as help you make that leap and chase the adventure! As your travel coach, we don’t want to do everything for you, we want you to feel knowledgeable and empowered to make smart decisions while traveling.

    The boyfriend and I have travelled to over 20 countries, combined, have moved to two different cities together, and have trekked through the entire Iberian Peninsula in our car (well, the boyfriend’s car). We are budget-savvy travellers who always make a note to be smart with our money, but not skipping out on the finer things that travel can offer you, as well. We have both lived in different countries, Mario in England and myself in Spain and have had trial and error while traveling in countries where we don’t speak the native language. Honestly, this entire venture is something that we are both so passionate about because we truly believe in helping others do something that we both love, which is to travel!

    The Quirky Pineapple -- Sagres, Portugal in the Algarve and the Atlantic Coast

    If you are interested in our services, hop on over to our website: Map It Trips and take a look around! Our website is in English and Spanish, so we are able to offer people a bilingual experience. We would be so happy to help you plan your next trip anywhere in the world! You can also email us at: holamapit@gmail.com

    Introducing: Map It Trips

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    • Cassandra Le says:

      Me, too! Although I’ve traveled through a travel agency before, I feel like when I get recommendations from people who have been there and have experienced things first hand, it’s such a different feeling!

    • Genie says:

      such a great idea! I definitely would want advice from travelers rather than travel agents

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