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    The One Accessory Everyone Needs ft. JORD Wood Watches

    JORD Wood Watches

    I love my accessories. Let’s be honest, there were moments in my life when I wanted to be the “minimalist”. I tried to wear simple, dainty, and “classic” jewelry for a period of time. But, I love colors, patterns, and big accessories way too much to have ever stuck with that style. I’ve experimented with holiday themed accessories (do you remember those Halloween earrings?), holiday garments, and of course matching all of my earrings to the color I was wearing that day. For example, pink sweater? Hello to my pink earrings! Which meant, I HAD to wear my pink pants and pink sneakers to match! Oh yes, those were the good days.

    After experimenting with accessories I realized there is only ONE accessory that everyone needs. What is that, you ask?

    JORD Wood Watches

    When growing up, my mom’s side of the family has always told me that you need one good piece of jewelry that you can wear all the time. This could mean anything from earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet. The watch was always that extra touch for me. A watch is a great investment to make, especially one that can easily be paired with everything! I only started wearing watches while in college, but since then, I’ve been wearing one every day for the past six years. It is the one thing I always make sure to grab, because if not, my wrist would feel naked!

    My JORD Wood Watch is one of those watches that compliments anything that I wear. It’s sleek, stylish, and is a little quirky! The JORD watch is made entirely of wood, from all over the world. My watch is made from Zebrawood with a navy face. I love wearing it in the office and for more casual occasions. It is a unique watch that can showcase your personal style, by picking the type of wood you like and face. The best part about JORD is that they allow you to customize your entire order, with special engraving, sizing to fit your wrist, and FREE SHIPPING on all orders (even international)!

    JORD Wood Watches

    I’ve teamed up with JORD Wood Watches for a special offer for all of the Pineapplers! (:

    All Pineapplers will receive a $25 e-gift card after they’ve entered in their email address! JORD offers men’s watches and women’s watches, with FREE SHIPPING, which makes for a perfect Christmas gift! Already picked out your gifts for the holiday season? You can still use this e-gift card to purchase a handmade and unique watch as a gift for yourself or birthday present in the future.

    Happy Holidays, Pineapplers!

    (We’re not in Fall, but adding some outfit inspiration for your JORD Wood Watch!)

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