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    PAMPER YO’SELF: Self-care for Entrepreneurs

    PAMPER YO'SELF: an event focused on self-care for women entrepreneurs in the creative industry and conversations about diversity and representation -- The Quirky Pineapple

    When was the last time you felt like you really invested back into yourself?

    No, not back into your business – but back into YOU, the person running your business? As entrepreneurs, small business owners, and side-hustlin’ divas, time (and sometimes resources) are scarce.

    Raise your hand if you’ve had a free day (finally) and used it to give back into your business.

    Raise your hand if you had a few extra dollars and invested it back into your business.

    What about cutting yourself some slack and sitting down for a bit, when was the last time you did that?!

    Well, lady, maybe it’s time to create some space and invest back into yourself. Like, get your feet rubbed and sit for 5 minutes to catch your breath! The PAMPER YO’SELF, for women creative entrepreneurs of color to gather together, relax, get pampered, and share in thoughtful conversations revolving around self care, diversity, and representation in the creative field.


    On Sunday, September 24th, 6 women joined The Quirky Pineapple to indulge in some rest and relaxation, and to meet others and share in an intimate conversation on subjects that don’t get talked about enough in the creative industry. As women, we’re more likely to wear several hats, as the full-time employee, mother, daughter, side-hustler, entrepreneur, sister, etc. It can feel extremely overwhelming when there are so many different tasks pulling at our attention.

    The PAMPER YO’SELF event was specifically for women of color, to talk about self-care, diversity, and representation in the creative fields. The 6 women are florists, event designers and planners, artists, makeup artists, photographers, and personal space oragnizers. All of the women are side-hustlin’ divas, who hold full-time jobs, and work on their business after hours.

    Manicures, Mimosas, and Makeup

    The ladies met at Cassianna Spa in Arlington, VA to start with manicures, mimosas, and makeup! As the women had their nails done, some sat with Erin Hendrickson to have a full-face of makeup applied with a mini makeup consultation! Erin worked wonders on the ladies, giving them unique and different looks. Some women had smokey eyes, natural glam, and even taking on glitter! It was a great experience to watch Erin work her magic, walking each woman through a mini consultation. The ladies learned makeup tricks for their skin type and how to apply these looks on their own!

    We set up mimosas and light refreshments for the event, for the women to enjoy while meeting others! The conversation revolved around tips and advice we all need as entrepreneurs starting their business and still working full-time jobs. Listening to the support and advice pouring from woman to woman was inspiring! It was surprising to hear about everything that the women took on in their daily lives! With full-time jobs, side-hustles, working events on the weekend, and keeping up with their social life – we are all SO busy!

    After the pampering and makeup, it was time for brunch at Pepita Cantina by Mike Isabella!

    Quirky Pineapple Margaritas and Great Conversation

    We left the spa and headed to Pepita Cantina, only a 5 minute drive away! We had our own seating outside with ample space and comfy couches to lounge on. The brunch menu was untraditional (of course) and didn’t include any of the typical brunch items we were used to! We conversed over all you can eat tacos and delicious pineapple margaritas that were all rimmed with different salty/sweet mixtures! The pineapple margaritas were garnished with a single pineapple leaf and was the perfect relief from a steamy midday meal.

    Brunch consisted of all you can eat tacos, from spicy chorizo, chicken, veggie, shrimp, and more. The conversation flowed from self-care, to what it means to be a women in business and a woman of color, and how to create a community. The tacos kept coming as the conversation flowed, where the women shared personal stories of burn-out and stories of discrimination and feeling inadequate. The big takeaway was that as women of color, we need to stand together to leverage our voices. While the creative industry is an amazing space with open-minded and people who are all going against the grain, sometimes it can feel homogenous.

    By the end of brunch, we shared action steps to take to create more of a community, ideas of monthly meetings, and having time with friends. I was so grateful for all of the women that came, shared, and were vulnerable! Each guest left with a swag bag worth over $1500 in goodies and products, and a small flower pot from Pretty Petals Floral and Event Design!

    Swag bags included:

    • 4 life coaching sessions with Kate Miller Life Coach (valued at $1250)
    • $100 credit for a full boudoir session with Lauren Louise Photography
    • 2 Pevonia travel sized products (valued at $40/each)
    • 10% OFF personal room organization from The Make Room Organizer
    • Sample Pevonia products from Cassianna Spa
    • 30% discount of all products from Cassianna Spa

    I can’t wait until the next PAMPER YO’SELF event, which could be international! *wink wink*

    Event photography by: Smile Easy Photography

    Event Sponsors:
    Cassianna Spa
    Pretty Petals Floral and Event Design
    Smile Easy Photography
    Erin Hendrickson MUA

    Swag Bag Sponsors:
    Pevonia Botanica
    Kate Miller Life Coach
    Lauren Louise Photography
    The Make Room Organizer

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    PAMPER YO'SELF: an event focused on self-care for women entrepreneurs in the creative industry and conversations about diversity and representation -- The Quirky Pineapple

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