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    How to Write Heartfelt, Compelling Copy

    Copy that resonates is more than just brining words together to make your page sound fancy, or like you know what you're doing! Writing heartfelt copy that resonates is bringing together your brand voice, your audience's pain points, and putting a nice bow on it. -- The Quirky Pineapple Studio

    What makes copywriting so lucrative and enticing?

    What makes words jump off a screen, hit the consumer right in the soul, and have them pressing “BUY NOW” immediately?

    Compelling copy and heartfelt messages take a reader from feeling one type of way to the next. Whether you share a story that uplifts, empowers, or attract – or putting more bang behind your message to call your audience to take action; words make a difference.

    Even if you suck at writing, you have a message to share. We just need to work on the delivery to make sure it’s compelling copy! I’m breaking down a few easy steps to start implementing now in your copywriting. We’ll have you sharing heartfelt copy that resonates in NO TIME (even if you’re a n00b).

    What’s the goal behind your copy?

    Everything should be done with intention, right? That’s when our best work is produced! Copywriting is no different. Before we start writing any words on a page or typing out quick phrases on the screen, we need to decide what the goal behind our copy is. What is the goal behind the words you’re writing? What is the purpose and what do you want people to feel after reading it?

    Most of the time, while working with clients, they come to me with a jumble of ideas, excitement, and a whole lot of passion. After listening to all the goodness they have to share, my go-to question is, what’s your goal for this?

    Usually, this is when I lose them because while they were all excited for the ideas and new “something”, they forgot to think about the goals behind it. As business owners and entrepreneurs, each goal is different. For a tourism brand, it could be to book more tours, create a unique route for people to experience, or find a way to share local culture with people who are visiting for a few days. In the hospitality field, it could be expressing your attention to detail in events, creating unique spaces, or being of service to your ideal client so that they can experience something truly unique.

    Whatever your goal is, keep that at the forefront while you write out your compelling copy.

    Pro Tip: I use Google Docs to write out copy for my clients. In the header section, I always put the main purpose of the page (ie: Home, About, Services, etc) and a short description of the goal of the page or the question I want to answer.

    Do you have a why?

    To create heartfelt, compelling copy, it depends on the message you’re trying to portray. What’s the why behind it all?

    • Is this a call to the change-makers, who feel a tight pull in their chest because their passion lies in doing good for someone else?
    • Do you want to appeal to the smooth and sultry business woman, who’s savvy and always ready to talk strategy?
    • Or what about the extrovert who’s looking to find a community that’s just as interested in sampling new things as they are.

    What’s your why and who’s it for? Most of the time, our “why” and who our why is for, are people that are struggling with something we did. Someone who’s looking for their IT thing and you’re the person that can help them get there!

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    One thing to always keep in mind when writing copy is that it isn’t about us, sorry, y’all. It’s about the people we want to reach, the people we want to call to action, the people who resonate with our story and find trust in us. Those are the people we’re writing for – not the quick sale, bargain-hunting guru, or someone who’s not as invested. We want to write copy that hits people in the soul, pulls at their emotions, and finds that small connection wherever they are in THEIR journey, to trust us to guide them to the next step.

    Think about THAT why and craft your copy there!

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    Have you divided & conquered?

    Copy that resonates has a certain combination of things:

    • Bite-sized and easy to digest
    • Conversational and feels personal
    • Touches on a person’s pain points and offers solutions to their problem

    So, when we talk bite-sized, we want smaller chunks of sentences and paragraphs to make it easy for a reader to follow. Something that is only 2-3 sentences long. Forget what you learned in school about paragraphs being at least 5 sentences! Heartfelt copy is easy to read, easy to skim, and easy to digest.

    Now we’re not writing research papers here, y’all! We’re writing to OUR PEOPLE! The people we know we can help, the community we want to build, the types of people that are ready to step into their next adventure and need some help getting there! Those are our people. And do you think they want to read something that sounds monotonous and robotic? (That is a rhetorical question) Use your brand voice and dazzle, baby, dazzle! (I usually never say baby to anyone, but I think I heard that reference in a movie or something and it sounded nice there… LOL)

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    And finally, we want to let our audience know that we have been there, we’ve done that, and we can help them out of their struggle. The entire culmination of our experiences has gifted us with LOADS of “Aha!” moments, clarity, and “damn, I f*cked up” lessons. Tell your audience about those and how you got through it! It makes you more real, more human, and a lot more reliable than someone who’s always had it all together FOREVER. Nah, that just sounds fishy to me.

    Table with pie and coffee and a cellphone

    A method to the madness

    Writing compelling copy doesn’t need to be daunting or scary, there’s a method to the madness, I promise! To review, here’s how to write heartfelt copy that FINALLY resonates with your tribe:

    1. Define the goal behind your copy
    2. Why are you writing this?
    3. Divide and conquer your copy
      1. Break it down into bite-sized chunks
      2. Have a conversation with your audience
      3. Talk about their struggles and how you can offer solutions to their problems

    Become part of a supporting community! If you are struggling with getting ALL your ideas organized and our there, make sure you sign up for The Content Studio Membership.

    What type of copy hits you right in the soul and makes you think “Oh dang, they’re reading my mind…”? Share with me in the comments below!

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    How to Write Heartfelt, Compelling Copy

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