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    3 Keys to a Successful Boutique Hotel Content Strategy System

    3 Keys to a Successful Content Strategy System for your Boutique Hotel. Tip #1: Play on your strengths and differences! -- The Quirky Pineapple Studio -- The Quirky Pineapple Studio

    Boutique hotels have the unique opportunity to provide upscale accommodation options that hotel chains, Airbnbs, hostels, and other lodging options do not. They are curated and created with a specific type of traveler in mind; one that enjoys exclusive amenities, attention-to-detail, and unique settings/locations. As a boutique hotel, you know that your clientele wants a personalized and tailored experience, and are more than willing to pay to receive it.  

    Even though YOU know that – it’s hard to separate what works for a large hotel chain/franchise in content strategy and what works for a boutique hotel. While many large hotel chains invest in creating a subset of their brand into a smaller hotel experience, the common mistake is using the same type of content strategy to increase brand recognition and bring in consistent bookings. 

    Let’s break down the 3 keys to building a successful (and separate) boutique hotel content strategy system, so you can stop trying to copy hotel chains and build on your boutique hotel’s strengths, instead. 

    So what makes a boutique (small) hotel different than the rest? 

    Playing on the differences between boutique vs. chain

    Boutique and small hotels are unique in nature:

    • Offering 10-100 rooms
    • Themed rooms or hotel (in general)
    • Beautiful aesthetic with unique furniture and decorations
    • An “intimate” feeling and overall ambiance for guests

    How can we play with these concepts to share about the ADVANTAGES of a boutique hotel, as opposed to a chain/franchise? First things first, defining the ideal target audience for your small hotel. Some questions to ask are:

    “What do they enjoy in accommodation/lodging places when they travel (for leisure or work)?”

    “What types of amenities are they looking for, or extra activities they want?”

    “What’s THEIR vibe and overall energy like? What do they appreciate?”

    Starting from there, we can define a clear idea of what an ideal guest would want and what type of content we know peaks their interest and captures their attention. 

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    The modern human approach

    Unlike traditional chain hotels and other lodging accommodations – boutique hotels have the alluring advantage of being modern while still maintaining a human touch. What does that exactly mean? (It sounds like fancy jargon, to be honest.)

    Using technology to streamline systems and processes and focusing on customer service where it matters most. 

    One of the main differentiators of a boutique hotel is the modernity combined with the attention-to-detail and customer service that staff provide. Where else in the hospitality industry have we seen technology being used to streamline and simplify processes and procedures to make the client experience that much more efficient? 

    The modern human approach that only small, luxury hotels provide is exactly what guests appreciate – the “no fuss” approach for bookings, check-in, check-out, etc. while still feeling catered and listened to. The intimacy and hospitality that a boutique hotel exudes can be translated into content that guests will resonate with and understand. 

    Photo by Nichlas Andersen

    “Tailor-made” services

    In many boutique hotels, I’ve seen that they offer special activities, excursions, or hotel services – without feeling like a “factory” trying to get as many bookings and turnarounds as possible. Each service that your small hotel offers is intentional and curated specifically to the mission and vision of what the hotel hopes to offer. 

    Some things to keep in mind when sharing content about your services:

    • What are your goals for your content? Start with ONE goal for the next 3-6 months, and build from there.
    • Which tailor-made service do you want to push first?
    • What offers and amenities are already popular within your boutique hotel? Take an audit of that.
    • How can you add on your tailor-made services to other packages and specials! 

    3 Keys to a Successful Boutique Hotel Content Strategy

    • Embrace your differences and understand what your ideal client is looking for
    • Creating a connection through content – with a modern human touch
    • Highlighting what makes your boutique hotel standout (USP)
    • BONUS TIP: Work with a content strategist to make sure you redirect your content to your biggest goal

    Book a Clarity Call to see how we can create an Action Plan for your content strategy, today! One that’s tailor-made for your boutique hotel!

    Content strategy is a longterm game, that builds brand visibility and trust. It ISN’T a quick fix for your low seasons or a fast way to start creating sales immediately. Content strategy builds brand loyalty and ultimately can share your boutique hotel’s message – hitting on the three keys we talked about today to connect with your audience and bring a community in! 

    What’s one of your biggest struggles with content strategy? What’s working for you? Drop a comment below, I’d love to hear!

    Want to work together on content strategy for your boutique hotel, so you can create a TAILORED action plan and stop copying the big chains? Let’s set up a Clarity Call to see how we can work together! 

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    3 Keys to a Successful Boutique Hotel Content Strategy System
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