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    3 Step Formula to Create a Powerful Brand Message for Small Businesses

    brand message for small businesses

    A powerful brand message for small businesses means…

    • Being remembered by your clients, so you build authority online and in-person
    • Connecting with them on a deeper level, so they become brand loyal
    • Making more impact within your community to help more people, and ultimately creating a sustainable business

    A weak brand message, on the other hand, may result in things like…

    • Being overlooked for other, more well-established brands and losing out on your dream clients
    • Not enough visibility online, because your message is not memorable or helping you stand out from a saturated market
    • Inconsistency and unsustainability in your business because you’re not able to captivate your audience

    If you feel like your brand message is falling into the weak area, we’re going to break down The Quirky Pineapple Studio’s 3 step formula to create a powerful brand message.

    Keep reading to learn how you can revamp your business message and connect with more of your ideal clients!

    A Brand Message for Small Businesses

    Small business owners and service-providers – the dawn of how we approach marketing is drastically changing. Whether you have a brick and mortar shop, an online shop, or work online – the Internet remains a fast-changing and crowded space! The easiest way to stand out from the crowd is to create a brand that is truly captivating.

    Creating a powerful brand starts with a brand message. A brand message involves 3 important factors:

    • Fierce factor
    • Core emotion
    • Self-awareness

    Unlike large corporations or corporate entities, we as small business owners have the opportunity to show-up online as ourselves and make money doing it!

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    pineapple sitting on chair


    Your fierce factor, or more commonly known as your unique selling point (USP)!

    We think calling it a “unique selling point” or “unique value proposition” is a bit boring – so let’s refer to your USP as your Fierce Factor for here on out!

    To create a powerful brand, you have to know what makes your brand stand out and what makes you FIERCE! These can specific attributes or skills that your business provides.

    For example, here’s a list of things that can be considered part of your ‘fierce factor’…

    • X years of experience in your field
    • Any specific awards, nominations, or featured publications your business has received
    • A diverse and multi-lingual team
    • Offering something unique that most people don’t offer

    All of those aspects can be added to your fierce factor and in your brand message.


    The “core emotion” we’re referring to here is the one emotion you want people to feel when they work or interact with your brand. This is the ONE emotion is at the heart of everything you do.

    We believe that when you have clarity on the core emotion and make it the foundation of your brand message, it makes creating content, writing website copy, or interacting with clients that much easier! This is like the guiding light you want to have for your branding and communication.

    Some questions to help you define your core emotion:

    1. How do you want your ideal clients to feel before, during, and after working with you?
    2. What do YOU feel while doing the work you do?
    3. How does your core emotion connect back to the transformation you provide your ideal clients?

    Start there and feel free to share with us on Instagram @thequirkypineapplestudio what you come up with! Our DMs are always open!

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    The last step to a powerful brand message for small businesses is all about self-awareness.

    The self-awareness portion that comes with building a brand means taking the time to do the inner work to stand out. We’re not “woo-woo” to the max, but we do believe in understanding more about yourself, who you are as a business owner, and what that means for your clients.

    Some questions to get you started on the self-awareness journey are:

    • What pisses you off?
    • Are there situations or things that make you cry?
    • If you had low energy, what fires you up?
    • How do you work?
    • Who do you like to work with?
    • Who do you work BEST with?

    Answering those questions will help you understand more about your own business and how you can best serve. This then goes into the powerful brand message we shared about earlier!

    Want to create your own soulful brand fully aligned to you? Get your own copy of the Your Soulful Branding workbook! A 100+ page guide and workbook to help you create a brand that is soulful and intuitive.

    The Quirky Pineapple Studio portfolio

    💥 your Fierce Factor X your Core Emotion ÷ Self-Awareness = Your Powerful Brand Message

    The 3 step formula to create a powerful brand message for small businesses is…

    1. Know your fierce factor (aka USP)
    2. Define your core emotion (how you want ideal clients to feel)
    3. Work on self-awareness (how you best work)

    After working on those, you’ll be able to share exactly what you do, what your business is about, who you help, how you help, and WHY you help. The basis of a mission statement or brand message!

    What do you think? What’s your fierce factor, core emotion, and the self-awareness portion? Share with us in the comments below!

    Want to work together to define your brand message for your small business? Schedule a free Clarity Call to chat about your brand message!

    Want to work on your branding on your own, first? Get your copy of the Your Soulful Branding workbook, a 100+ page guide and workbook to create an intuitive and soulful brand!

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