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Use Your Voice Mastermind

You want to increase your impact AND your income sustainably. You want a business that is stable, scalable, and aligned to you; and you want to be seen as a thought-leader and expert, while doing it.

For most of your life, you’ve felt like you had something to say. You had a message to share, a burning *something* inside that you couldn’t exactly put your finger on. You had a voice, but you were too scared to use it.

Now that your business is running, you still have some sort of anxiety around your marketing and visibility strategy.

You keep telling yourself you’ll…

  • Put yourself out there, with your story, message, and your services… but you always get nervous and talk yourself out of it
  • Implement new marketing strategies to test and see what works, but then you were overwhelmed with life and perfectionism
  • Confidently share your expertise and experience and feel good about owning it! You want to step into your power, but then you get anxious and shy away from the spotlight

You are tired and upset that it’s YOU that keeps holding yourself back from growing your business, making more impact, and owning your power! You’re tired of all the online courses, “best practices”, and “expert advice”. All you want is to take action, get organized, and build a lifestyle you love!

So, what now? It’s time to USE YOUR VOICE and share your impact, your story, your message, and your services

Learn to share your story and impact to grow your business and visibility


Client Wins & Results

Use Your Voice Mastermind

4-month mastermind program

If you’re tired of staying quiet, letting fear, shame, and “who are they” mentality stop you from getting visible and making an impact - you’re invited to apply to the Use Your Voice Mastermind.

We believe to make an impact and a difference, it requires doing the inner work, showing up where we need to, and using our voices.

As a first-generation daughter of immigrant parents from Vietnam, I realized I grew up being told:

  • “Quiet down!”
  • “You’re being too loud!”
  • “Asian women don’t do that…”
  • “Why are you always looking for attention?”

I carried the weight of those phrases with me into my business and into my marketing strategy. I was scared to get visible, scared to “call attention to myself”, and always told that I just needed to put my head down and do the work.

When I finally accepted and changed my mindset around visibility, my business started flourishing. I had booked out services, clients finding me on Google and social media, and had a $20K month and a $7K launch.

I realized my voice holds power, my story and my message deserve to be shared, and I could let go of the shame, imposter syndrome, and fear surrounding visibility to create more impact and income. Once I really felt aligned to myself and my business, sharing my achievements and accomplishments was so much easier because I believed more in myself to show up fiercely and confidently.

When our clients USE THEIR VOICE they

  • Go from one contracted client to landing multiple contracts with their dream clients!
  • Accept the power in their experiences to share their story and message, with an updated website and a more cohesive social media strategy
  • Raise their prices and proudly stand in their expertise, creating more sustainable income
  • Move in alignment to who they are, how they help, and creating impact and income along the way

Learn to share your story and impact to grow your business and visibility!


Copywriter in Madrid

I started focusing on the power of MY voice.

I owned my voice. Raised it to be heard. And used it to share my message, story, and why. By confidently using my voice, I’ve been able to:

  • Give workshops and presentations in various cities around the world in English and Spanish.
  • Was nominated and recognized as one of the top 20 marketing experts by Honeybook and Rising Tide Society.
  • Be a contributing author in the Branding Quickies book, ranked #1 on Amazon
  • Host free and paid events around the world
  • Host a week-long retreat in Cartagena, Colombia with my business best friend
  • Serve over 50 clients in countries all over the world in English, Spanish, and Spanglish
  • And work from home, have a location-independent lifestyle, and live life on my terms with my partner

What have I learned? That you don’t need to find your voice.
You have one. It’s time to own it and use it!



Client Wins & Results


Brand Strategist, Copywriter, and Founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio

Meet Cassandra Le

Brand Strategist, Copywriter, and Founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio

Cassandra T. Le is the founder of The Quirky Pineapple Studio (TQP Studio), a brand strategy and copywriting studio. She is an award-winning marketing expert, was a contributing author in BRANDING QUICKIES, ranked #1 on Amazon in leadership, and has given workshops in English and Spanish in various countries around the world.

She has over a decade of experience in copywriting, content creation, and social media. At TQP Studio, she works with service-based businesses who are mission-driven, helping them share their message and impact through strategic storytelling and engaging content to increase their visibility online and in-person and grow their communities.

When she's not working behind her laptop, you can find her exploring neighborhood cafés in Madrid (her adopted home), getting lost in translation in Spanish, or watching movie trailers and mukbangs on YouTube!

Use Your Voice Mastermind

This program is only open to 12 people.

The Use Your Voice Mastermind combines 1:1 strategy and coaching with group coaching calls.

This mastermind focuses on stepping into your power while creating a community and business that is sustainable and aligned to you.

I share my proven tips, strategies, and advice, as well as mistakes, so you can learn from them, too. I bring in monthly guest experts to share visibility and branding strategies to help you show up wholeheartedly and confidently.

The network and community created within the mastermind is based on honest connection and support. This community is one that I am extremely proud of!





The Use Your Voice Mastermind is built on 4 pillars:

Mastermind leader in Madrid


The foundation for a successful business and marketing plan is mindset. Our successes are created by the inner work we do to improve ourselves, and thus our surroundings. I've worked through mindset blocks, like scarcity, imposter syndrome, unworthiness, and more so I can finally share my story confidently.

Copywriter in Madrid

Systems & Processes

Besides being REACTIVE in business and basing our decisions on EMOTIONS, we need to look at the hard numbers and data. I'll walk you through my process of auditing TQP Studio, how to understand the numbers and data, and basing decisions on what works for YOU and your DREAM LIFESTYLE, rather than blindly following trends or shiny object syndrome.

We will be looking at what works for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS MODEL. Each business is different and I won't give you a copy & paste framework, rather the tools to implement on your own.

Freelancer's office in Madrid

Story & Impact

I believe everyone has a story to share that can create massive waves of impact. I believe if we look through and trace back our steps, we can start to see trends and areas in our life that have brought us here today, to run our businesses.

Freelancer retreat in Cartagena

Marketing & Visibility

The final pillar is marketing and visibility. Once we’ve set the foundation for a strategic marketing and visibility plan, this is where we’ll be working together to implement and take action on everything we’ve covered. We’ll create a roadmap that feels aligned to you - so you can show up with full confidence to share your story, message, and services.

You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone!

Mastermind leader in Madrid

What you'll get:

  • Initial 60min call
  • Monthly 1:1 calls (1 x 60min call or 2 x 30min calls)
  • Weekly virtual coworking days
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls with lessons and hot seats
  • Access to our membership site as long as you are a mastermind member
  • Our team to review your copy and content
  • Additional resources, templates, and trainings
  • 4 monthly experts
  • Exclusive TQP Studio merch
  • A saved seat in the quarterly Raise Your Voice, 1-Day Virtual Business Retreat (learn more in the next box, below!)
Virtual business retreat leader in Madrid

The Quarterly Virtual Retreat

During this quarterly retreat you will learn:

  • To realize and let go of blocks holding you back from visibility
  • How to analyze your data to see where you should focus your marketing efforts
  • Systems and processes to build into your business
  • Meet other business owners creating income, impact, and influence within their communities

Ready to have the success you've been hiding from?

Monthly Guest Experts

During the Use Your Voice Mastermind, I bring in guest experts to share additional information to get visible and use your voice. Each month we'll have a live call and Q&A session with a special guest expert.

Past experts have been:

  • Intuitive Personal Stylist
  • SEO Consultant & Pinterest Manager
  • Human Design Expert
  • Systems & Operations Coachsultant

Hello, Fierce Business Owner,

I'm Cassandra and I'm so excited for you to apply to this program. This is NOT a copy and paste approach and I will not teach you how to copy and paste, but rather do what works best for you.

When you decide to fully own your power and use your voice, we will build a sustainable business and life that works for you. After 2 years of being in business full-time, I've bee able to move abroad, work with clients in English, Spanish, and Spanglish, create a location-independent lifestyle, and speak and give workshops in multiple cities around the world. As one of the Use Your Voice members, I will be there to help you get results and you WILL get the results that are most aligned to you.

I've had clients recognized by Google as top tech content creator, written and published their own books, and hosted their own in-person and online events. I'll focus on the power of your voice and how we can use it to achieve the results you want!

This mastermind will teach you to create (and share) your impact, while creating a sustainable income. We'll focus on what works best for YOU and how to dive into that with visibility and marketing strategies.

At the core of what I teach is community and organization. As the online space becomes more and more crowded, owning your voice and story, while staying organized with a plan is how you can truly create impact and income.

Apply to the Use Your Voice Mastermind!


“It was such a pleasure to work with Cassandra on creating a unique branding strategy for my business! Her professionalism, knowledge, and encouraging outlook was so refreshing and made for a great experience. She listened carefully to my branding concerns, answered any questions I had, and took the time to get to know me as an individual and an entrepreneurial artist. Cassandra tailored the entire process based on my unique needs as a creative professional. She asked all the right questions to make me think carefully and deliberately about the "why" and "who" of my brand and taught me how to translate everything into a digital, visual representation for potential clients and agencies to browse. If your business could use a tune-up with its branding message, definitely consider The Quirky Pineapple!” – Alethea Spencer

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